About us

We, Christer and Per, are two Astronomy digital imging entuseasts driving the company Aragon System it is a digital imaging company (Per is now retiered). Since 1994 we have dedicated ourselves to new advances in digital imaging and workflow.
Our mission is to explore the Cosmos and to develop advanced, and user friendly digital imaging tools for the sientific and astronomic users.

Our contribution to the Astronomy community is the software called AstroPix, please visit www.astropix.se for more information

Valla observatory
Christer Strandh
CEO Aragon System
Mobile: +46706760375 

I live in Froson, Sweden in the mid-North of Sweden with my wife and two children. I currently work as an cosultant with Medical imaging and positioning equipment. My interest for Astronomy started in my teenage years when I started out with a Mead 12" Newtonian in my backyard. The digital imaging CCD cameras was not introduces yet so most work was visual observing. When the first CCD cameras was introduces I decided to build a permanent observatory 1995 (Valla observatory), equippted with a Mead LX200 12" and a SBIG ST7 camera. The activities was CCD imaging and a lot of schools and institutions visited the observatory in the coming years. In early 1990 I stared developing scientific imaging software with my partner Per in our company Aragon System, Astronomy imaging tools have always been a part of the software imaging work and the latest contribution is the software called AstroPix which is now in beta release. 

Now the observatory is 15 years old and needs renovation work wich is in planning, the telescope and mount was early 2015 updated with the state of the art equipment from a company called ASA. Coming activities will be mostly astro imaging and image processing development of AstroPix software. 

PesaDome observatory

Per Sabelström
Astronomy entusiast

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.

Albert Einstein