PesaDome observatory

PesaDome observatory is located in Sandvreten in the Middle of Sweden. It was build 2014.

ASA 10N Astrograph (F: 3.6  D: 250mm  FL: 825mm) with 3" Wynne Corrector 0.95x (F: 3.61).

The mount is a ASA DDM60 direct drive mount with excellent high-precision pointing and tracking without guiding. Load capacity is 25 kg. The mount is ontop of a robust custom made pier.

An Atik 460 EX CCD camera with a Sony ICX814/5, resolution ?? x ?? (3.69 ┬ÁM pixel size). The camera have very low noise so dark frames calibration is not needed.

Baader narrow band filter, Ha 8nm, OIII 5nm and SII 5nm. Baader LRGB filters. Starlight Xpress filter Wheel. 

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