Valla Observatory

Valla Observatory is located in Froson in the Mid-North of Sweden, it is build ontop of a house. It was build 1995 and is now under some renovation work, automatic dome and shutter control.

The dome is a custom made with a diamter of 3.5m, built from Wood and metal. 

ASA 12N Astrograph (F: 3.6  D: 300mm  FL: 1080mm) with 3" Wynne Corrector 0.95x (F: 3.61) and Reducer Corrector 0.73x (F: 2.7).
Mead LX200 (F: 10 D: 300mm FL: 3048 ).

The mount is a ASA DDM85 direct drive mount with excellent high-precision pointing and tracking without guiding. Load capacity is 65 kg. The mount is ontop of a robust custom made metal pier.

Moravian G3 16200 size: 4540 × 3640 (6 µM pixel size)  and a Atik 490 EX CCD camera with a Sony ICX814/5, size 3380 x 2704 (3.69 µM pixel size). The Atik camera have very low noise so dark frames calibration is not needed.

Astrodon 36 and 50mm mm narrow band filter, Ha 3nm, OIII 5nm, SII 5nm and E-series LRGB filters. G3 with built-in filter Wheel.

Mead LX200 12

The observatory was constructed in 1995 and build from mostly wood material. It then housed the Mead LX200 12" telescope. It is open to public visitors, like schools and institutions and private persons. The activities was CCD imaging and a lot of schools and institutions visited the observatory in the coming years.

Now the observatory is 15 years old and needs renovation work wich is in planning, the telescope and mount was early 2015 updated with the state of the art equipment from a company called ASA. 

Construction work started 1995

If you want to visit the observatory please call in advance to Christer Strandh 0706760375 or email to

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